Esther James

Buy New Zealand made


April 2008 marks 100 years of buy nz made.

otc is proud to be a nz made label and we salute this campaign.

We also want to recognise the wonderful Esther James, one of new zealand's first professional fashion models and keen supporter of buy nz made. Esther walked the length of new zealand in 1931 to raise awareness of nz made goods and improve trade during the depression. she was the first person ever to do this walk from spirits bay to stewart island and she wore only nz made clothing and shoes. The walk took 6 months.

In her honour we are releasing a new merino skirt called the Esther James.

Esther wrote an account of her journey in 1960 called "Jobbing Along" which is a wonderful read for anyone who wants more info on her epic walk.

Esther James died in 1990 at the age of 90. she has a son and two daughters.